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Who is really a Godly leader? A follower of Jesus who has surrendered to His call on her life qualifies. God has a lot of missions that He desires His youngsters to total every day. He calls us continually to perform them. When we answer His call to operate with Him on these missions, we come to be His leaders, alone or in groups.

Before the leader starts her journey, it is important she adjusts her attitude to embrace three aspects. We see them sharply in Moses' journey to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. This journey begins in Exodus chapter three:

It is God's mission,old wooden boats, He will equip us with what's needed God's mission is for His glory Godly leaders, lead people to God's mission

It is God's Mission, He Will Equip Us With What is Needed

We ought to have an understanding of clearly that the mission is God's, not ours. It's not a mission for a person; it is God's. What's the distinction? It can be profound. When we believe God has a mission for us, we start out to look at us--our gifts, skills, talents, and circumstances. The job overwhelms us. We be concerned, and we attempt to do His tasks in our own strength, employing our recognized skills, and we fail, usually.

God makes use of His missions to stretch us, and to teach us to draw closer to Him. He provides every thing we have to do His assignments, such as abilities we by no means thought we had. Nonetheless, like manna He gave the Israelites for everyday requires, He will give us just the amounts we need to have each day (Exodus 16:four). That is why, we should accept that we cannot do God's mission on our own; we should depend on Him to lead and guide us, generally.

Moses didn't consider he was qualified to do the process, but God reassured him repeatedly that He would deliver whom and what Moses needed (Exodus 4:10-13). And, God did (Exodus 4:15-16).

God's call isn't necessarily to go on a Christian mission trip overseas or at dwelling. It may be for us to turn out to be salespeople at a made use of auto lot, technicians at a laboratory,boat wood repair, or to become accounting assistants. It really is His mission not ours, He decides exactly where it will be; our function is usually to be prepared to comply with Him exactly where He leads.

Unless God shows us to the contrary, where we are, is where He's operating, and where we need to be carrying out His will, actively. We must understand the best way to join Him in His activities. We should accept exactly where we're, who we're, and what we have. Only then will we see clearly what He has ready for us. When we turn into preoccupied with us and our circumstances, like Elisha's servant (two Kings 6:17), we'll miss the mission God has arranged for us, correct exactly where we're.

Moses was performing his thing, minding his business enterprise, when God known as him to visit Egypt to join Him and free of charge the youngsters of Israel (Exodus three:ten). Moses did not wish to visit Egypt. Forty years earlier, following killing an Egyptian, he fled to Midian, married, and settled there with his loved ones.

Still, Moses accepted God's call to join Him in this important activity. The journey wasn't smooth, but he stayed focused on God, and God gave him all he necessary to guide the Israelites out of Egypt.

God's Mission Is For His Glory

We ought to lower and let Him to raise. Only then will we see that He can use us to perform anything He chooses (Philippians 4:13). When issues go properly on the project, occasionally pride, greed, even anger, gets in the way, and we veer from God's mandate, and we do our factor. This disobedience outcomes in unfavorable consequences.

Later, because the Israelites wandered inside the desert, Moses departed from God's mission and paid the ultimate price tag. God told Moses to speak to a rock, and it would create water for the Israelites. In a rage, Moses struck the rock, and it created water. This wasn't God's mandate. Moses' action did not bring God Glory, and Moses paid a high price--God prevented him from entering the Promised Land (Numbers 20:8-12).

Godly Leaders Lead Persons To God's Mission

It is important the leader accepts that his 1st function will be to lead individuals to God's mission. Criticisms, peripheral, unnecessary, or urgent but unimportant matters can distract the leader, often. Moses could have veered from the process when the Israelites started to complain that his presence made their life a lot more challenging, which it did (Exodus 5:18). If Moses did not continue to concentrate on God's mission, he may possibly have believed he couldn't complete the task. He couldn't, with out God's continual intervention.

While listening to criticisms, Jeremiah 1:17 can be a superior reminder towards the leader:

Therefore prepare oneself and arise, And speak to them all that I command you. Usually do not be dismayed prior to their faces, Lest I dismay you ahead of them...


God calls us to do particular tasks to teach us to draw closer to Him, and to depend on Him. These missions must bring God glory. He will give us all we must do the job, but we won't see a clear path. When we stay focused on His mission, and appear away from our circumstances, we will complete the process as He planned it,plans for a boat motor stand, in His time.

Copyright (c) 2012, Michel A. Bell





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